Fuel Monitoring

We combines multiple vehicles on a single platform.

Route Playback

We combines multiple vehicles on a single platform.

Daily Mileage

We combines multiple vehicles on a single platform.

Parking Times

We combines multiple vehicles on a single platform.

Monitor Multiple Vehicles

We combines multiple vehicles on a single platform.

6 Different Maps to Use

We uses different map view i.e. satellites view, street view etc.

Control Vehicle

We have fully Remote control and Resume vehicle engine system.

Service Alerts

Get your service routine with Service alerts.

Route History

View & monitor particular routes taken by your vehicle.

Ignition Status

Check your vehicle’s ignition status in real time.

Anti-tamper Alert

You will be notified instantly if the tracker has been unplugged.

Live Traffic Update

Get status of Traffic on maps, available only on Google Maps

Movement Alert

Get alert you with an e-mail, SMS or notification whenever a vehicle moves.

Route to Point

Calculates your fastest route from current location to selected point.

Street View

Its Open new window with Google street view of selected location.

Search Address

Convenient tool for searching address on map.

Speed Alerts

You get notified with an e-mail, SMS whenever a vehicle moves.


Event is generated when device leaves pre-defined area.

Excessive Edling

It also gives excessive vehicle idling issues by automated alerts and reports.


POI allow you to put markers at the locations that might be interesting or useful.

Travel Sheet

It is addresses of stops, length between stops and object fuel consumption.

Offline tracking

Offline tracking is used to track the object position while GPRS is not activated.


Device internal clock can be sinchronized via Internet with NTP (Network Time Protocol)

Voice call

The voice call functionality gives an ability to make a directly phone call with device.

Sleep/Deep sleep

Working modes which let FM device to reduce power consumption and save vehicle battery.

Jamming detection

Jamming detection informs the driver with buzzer or LED about radio jamming events.

Bluetooth sensors support

Bluetooth sensors are responsible to transmit the collected data remotely to device.

Configuration over Bluetooth

Configuration over Bluetooth gives ability to configure the device remotely by using Bluetooth connection.

Idling detection

The Idling detection functionality allows User to monitor the engine working time without initial speed.

Trip detection

Trip detection is used to inform user about start and stop points in the dedicated location, while engine is on or off.

Ignition detection

A vehicle ignition detection function, based on a configured ignition source (External power voltage, Digital input 1 or Movement).


A functionality, which generates an event when crossing a defined area,it can be used to detect wherever car enters or leaves customized areas

Towing detection

Towing detection feature helps to inform the User about car deporting. The quick event will be sent to server while towing is detected.

Crash detection

Crash detection functionality is generating the record when device detects car accident using the internal sensors (Accelerometer).

Fuel monitoring LLS

Fuel monitoring via LLS sensors gives ability to measurer are highly accurate fuel level in the vehicle. This functionality can be based on digital or analog connectivity.

Integrated scenarios

The integrated device scenarios are used to simply enable the dedicate functionality like Green driving, Over speeding, Authorized driving or Immobilizer.

SMS event

SMS event is a special functionality which is used to notify the user about the tracker initial state. Any changes of speed, engine status, over speeding or etc. will be informed with SMS.

Remote Log

This type of FM data logging is used when there is no possibility to connect to device physically. Device establishes GPRS connection and activates link to server, log is started to stream to server until set time is elapsed.

NITZ time synch

Network identity and time zone (nitz) is a mechanism for provisioning local time and date, time zone and dst offset, as well as network provider identity information, to mobile devices via a wireless network.

GPRS commands

It is possible to send commands to FM device using GPRS. GPRS commands can be used for sending configuration, debug, digital output control commands etc. These commands should be coded into a special codec12 format.

Green driving

Helps to prevent and inspect driver about harsh driving. This functionality works in parallel with accelerating force, braking force and cornering angles. Every harsh drive event can be presented in the real time during the LED or buzzer notification.

Overspeeding detection

This scenario helps to prevent from exceeding fixed speed and inspects driver if needed. Digital output 1 is controlled by scenario for user needs, to manage buzzer, LED etc. During overspeeding event Digital output 1 will be turning ON and OFF until speed is lower than configured Max Allowed Speed.

Eco driving

This scenario helps to cti prevent and inspect driver about harsh driving. Eco driving scenario continuously monitors: accelerating, braking and cornering forces depending on build in accelerometer. Monitoring sensitivity is configurable. FM device Digital Output 1 is controlled by scenario for user needs, buzzer or LED for example.