Types of Tracking System

Types of Tracking System

Understanding Tracking Systems (Devices)

Tracking people or the premium stuff was never easy, all credit to technological advancement in communication tech. The most simple definition of a tracking device “It’s an electronic device crafted to show, transmit, or air its location. This is when the device is responding to a signal set in a regular interval of time. There are various types of tracking systems. Let’s take a look at some

The Various Types of Tracking Systems are as follows

1. Cell-Phone

Even though some handsets do not come to GPS enabled it still has the tech required to track the device down when in need. In case you want to contact the emergency services, they will get in touch with the network company and will come to know which network tower picks up your cell phone signal. This may sound a bit unreal but it is a powerful way of tracking any device. It might be a little difficult in the city area, but it can help with an approximate location.


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The smart tech here uses micro tags that contain a transistor or a microchip. These microchips are the ones that have information encoded in them and an antenna which could send and receive signals when required. So whenever a tag detects a signal on the appropriate frequency it takes the energy for the transponder to revert with the already encoded information. Hence letting the scanner recognize an item that is tagged just meters away from it. This technology is mostly used to avoid shoplifters from robbing any premium merchandise whenever they come in contact with the scanning bars installed at the entrance.

3. GPS and Satellite Tracking

The arrival of GPS has caused the development of precise tracking devices. GPS receiver compares satellite signals from overhead the location in a few meters. It will allow a tracking device to provide an immediate position and data. It is therefore a valuable device, especially in special rescue operations.

4. Radio Tracking

Once the RFID tracker is equipped with a power source it will only then have a better range capacity and the signal will travel far. These are also known as active scanners and have the capability of responding to a wideband scanning signal. Or you can also configure them to go at regular intervals of time for long tracking use. This technology has massive use in the field of biology. Animals in the wildlife under monitoring are having such chips for monitoring their health. Easy to implement makes it a preferable option for biology professionals. Such a type of tracking device provides a directional signal which requires signal triangulation. Hence estimating the signal to offer a bumpy location of the device


These were some of the various types of Tracking Systems. They have various applications and are used for different kinds of purposes. Without them, life would be really difficult. Thanks to the technological development in communication tech.

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